Founder's Story

How Our Brand Was Birthed 

Our founder, Nichole, is the true embodiment of her brand. She is the girl's-girl that women know, trust, and can come to when they need a friend. 

Like most business owners, their business is their baby, and the same is true for Nichole. With one twist - as Nichole was building her business baby, she was simultaneously cooking up an actual baby! 

After wanting a family her whole life, at the age of 40 she made the bold decision to embark on motherhood as a solo parent. While envisioning the type of mother she wanted to be, the words that came to mind were intentional, present, involved and balanced. 

She knew the 50+ hour a week corporate job wouldn't allow for the type of flexibility this monumental endeavor would require. There was only one thing to do: create a business that would allow her to be the best mama she could be. And so, ELLORIE was born...just days before her baby girl was born. 

Never one to back down from a challenge, she decided to make her dreams come true, on her own terms. Nichole is an inspiration, a powerhouse, and a force to be reckoned with. 

From starting her own hair salon in San Francisco several years ago, to making the hard but necessary decision to go back to corporate life, to now birthing and creating her two new babies.

Nichole is the embodiment of what it means to go for your dreams and believe in yourself. What’s more is, she does it in a way that makes other women feel like they can do it too. She’s the type of woman you’d want in your corner if you ever needed someone to have your back. And if you ever need someone to have your front - making sure you look and feel great - she's the woman for that too.

She truly exemplifies her brand and is now creating the space to  help support women of all shapes, sizes and seasons of life to feel beautiful and confident in their own skin by offering all the latest styles in an extended size range.

We look forward to getting to know you more and continuing to provide you with a space to connect with like-minded ladies while shopping your favorite looks!